Fitness is more than moving to exercise !


Fitness is more than moving getting sweaty and moving to the latest trend in exercise. It is more than the amount of calories burnt, more than the size your clothes say you are, more than the reflection in the mirror. Fitness  is ongoing with each breathe you take.

My take on fitness is it is about energy. As human beings we are made up of energy, we need food to fuel our bodies in all the processes – not only exercising – breathing, the beating of our heart, blood circulations, our brains health and so much more. Fitness is the energy we use on a daily basis on our body the things we do and don’t see.

Science shows us that we use energy in every process each and every second Рvoluntary  and involuntary processes Рbreathing, heart beating, food digestion and in every part of the 11 parts of our bodies systems.

I am turning 46 and coming into the industry later than most. I am not your young and glamorous 20 something with a fantastic body. I have lost 30 kilograms and multiple dress sizes. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with the most amazing people and which at times they don’t realise how much they influence me. Mental health, disabilities, age it does not matter we are all human beings with the similar if not same issues. Fitness its about the energy we use, how you see yourself (mental health we all have this), abilities does not matter what the age. We are human with differences in skin and age that is all.

I am passionate about being the best you can be – I used to hate looking in the mirror at the gym. Now I see a positive reflection – strength, courage, kindness, compassion and resolve. My mission is to see you be the best you – you can be –¬† unique one of a kind that you are.