Motivation lose it use or abuse it? What happens when you music mojo for a class

Hey everyone its been a while since I posted. We all know that our inspiration our motivation or mojo takes a dive sometimes. Yet we still walk, talk get out of bed and do what we need to on a daily basis.

There is no right or wrong formula for what does or does not work for you. Every day is unique and thats ok. My new computer decided to not load my music for my classes and oh my gosh some not nice thoughts kicked. Not logically program solving more like sledge hammers and why the hell are you not working arrrgfh.

Anyway after walking away and shopping (space is good for clearing your head of shit thoughts) I realised my laptop is still working and yay I havent totally fudged up with loss of music for the next two mornings. They are a big deal and I want the best classes I can with less fuss heres to hoping lol.

When your thoughts and electronics bugga up and cause issues arrggh take a step back. Often a solution will come along when you least expect.

You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one love this performer bless you all

Shite happens make everyday count xo

Have a great  day