Back to Basics Programs

Back to Basics Goulburn NSW

I call my programs “Back to Basics”.

Exercise needs to be fun and not complicated – to stay fresh and keep you motivated plus challenged.

My programs are tailored to suit you the individual – not one size fits all.

I find out about you as a person and work with you to attain realistic and achievable goals.

I know how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off. I can relate to the struggles that health concerns can bring and how hard it can be to find a place that will work with you. As well as give you support when needed and practical suggestions to improve your lifestyle.

Sometimes you may feel like a number or people may look at you and throw you into the “too hard to work with basket”. I have had this happen to me and its not a nice feeling. I have been very fortunate too. I have great support people to work with and see the other side of life. Exercise and better nutrition, good mental health have helped me become happy. To be ok in my own skin.

I am NDIS approved and am happy to meet and work with individuals or small groups. I do not throw people into a category and say “no too hard”. I believe in disability – there is heaps of ability! A unique person who deserves the same opportunities as everyone else.

I am a mobile training business and can work in a variety of places and situations.

“Back to Basics” – keeping fitness real and fun!